• Swachh Sena

Two New Initiatives In Tinsukia Town

Care North East Foundation, in association with Tinsukia Municipality Board, undertook two new initiatives.

Home Composting System Exhibition & Training: Care North East Foundation and Tinsukia Municipality Board have initiated a home composting system exhibition to make the citizens of Tinsukia know about home composting system. The training is aimed to build knowledge of home composting and encourage the citizens of Tinsukia to undertake home composting in their personal composting so that no kitchen waste can come out and fill the dumpsite.

Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta explains about home composting in this Home Composting Exhibition & Training program

E-Waste Management: Electronic waste has been a big challenge in towns and cities. T.D.A. Market is a hub of electronics in Tinsukia. In order to raise awareness of e-waste management, Care North east Foundation along with Tinsukia Municipality Board undertook awareness drives to raise sensitivity among the vendors and users of electronics so that electronics waste can be disposed off safely and responsibly.

E-Waste Collection Bag distributed in a T.D.A mobile shop by Executive Officer of Tinsukia Municipality Board

Interestingly, both these initiatives have been undertaken in Assam for the first time.

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