Door-to-Door Collection

With our skilled Swachh Sena, C.N.E.F. collects waste from door-to-door of every household, segregating it and managing it responsibly.



Through SACHETAN initiative, C.N.E.F. is decentralizing composting of biodegradable waste and introducing this to every households.


Plastic Bank

Developed Plastic Bank in Tinsukia which was inaugurated and appreciated by Chief Minister of Assam Sri Sarbananda Sonowal.

What we do ?

Care North East Foundation was born with the idea of developing sustainable waste management along with transforming the behavior of society in how they manage their waste.

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Zero-Waste Campus

Converting school and college campuses into total ZERO-WASTE campus by providing an immersive experience to students.


Awareness Campaign

Organizing awareness camps regularly across municipality wards to sensitize citizens on waste storage and its segregation.


Her Swachh Sena

Induction of women run self-help groups to deliver municipal services at par with men also eliminating caste based stigma.