Care North East Foundation is a not-for-profit organization envisaged to promote waste management and deliver municipal services through our responsible and sustainable waste management practices. Currently, we are working in 3 towns - Tinsukia, Titabor and Doomdooma.

Our Journey

The journey of Care North East Foundation started when its founder cum director Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta was working in Switzerland with an environmental consulting agency. One day, he got to see a newspaper clipping where the Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary of Assam have termed Tinsukia as the dirtiest city in the country. Also during that time, Tinsukia was indeed at the bottom of the list of towns as per cleanliness is concerned. Dr. Gupta thought that he has been cleaning all over the world working globally on waste management and not able to do anything for his own motherland. This is something that steered his heart and soul. He decided to return to India on 3-4 years of sabbatical and help the Government fo Assam set up a system. This is how one newspaper clipping and the general perception of people led Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta to leave his lucrative job in Switzerland and embark on a journey of cleaning the waste of his hometown.


The prime objective of the Care North East Foundation is to create as many jobs as possible through ‘Environmental Entrepreneurship’. The big reason is that we should have environmental entrepreneurship ingrained in people who are passionate about the environment. Generally, environmental activism exists like a hobby, trend or an occasional outburst when a big problem related to the environment occur. But waste is a regular big problem that very few people notice. So, the idea is to create environmental entrepreneurship, create better waste management systems and help small towns go zero-waste. This is a principle that is doable and is possible in Assam. This has been accomplished in Titabor when the town became zero-waste under the aegis of Care North East Foundation.

Developed India's FIRST Zero-Waste Military Cantonment Zone in Dinjan, Assam with the help of the disciplined workforce and law-abiding people.

Removed the tag of "dirtiest town" from Tinsukia and taking it to the Top-10 cleaner towns in Northeastern India. Also converted 2 colleges & 3 schools into Zero-Waste.

Created Assam's first ZERO WASTE TOWN Titabor through collaborative efforts of the municipal authorities and sub-divisional administration of Titabor.

MILESTONES so far...